personalized gifts for girlfriend 9 of our favourite sofas and what to consider before buying one sofa pillow covers

 personalized gifts for girlfri     |      2019-09-16 08:30

An investment piece that sets the tone of a room, sofas?play an important decor role and choosing a one is tricky business. Here are some tips and styles to get your started

family pillow cover


Universal sofa, $11,505, from Simon James Design.


Sabine sofapersonalized gifts for girlfriend, $7595, from Nood.


Three-seater Cara sofa in blush, $1845, from Mood Store.


Alba three-seater sofa in caramel, $2999, from Freedom.


Peak sofa by Wendelbo, $9699, from Dawson &; Co.


Dax sofa in grey velvet, $2895, from Me and My Trend.


Hugo three-seater sofa in rust velvet, $2695, from Me and My Trend.


Leo sofa, from $6250, from St Clements.


Replica Borge Mogensen three-seater sofa, $3295, from Zuca.

Complied?by: Vanessa Nouwens.

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