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Choose the perfect size cup design and leave the rest to us! We know this can sound easier than done, so we recommend following our size guide to get your perfect personalized cup. We should start by giving our first general rule: always order up if the cup size you want is in question –; it’;s always good to have room for more!

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Let’;s start out with some lingo. When we say “;filled cup capacity,”; it’;s the total amount of liquid volume each cup holds. Think of our cups like measuring cups. A 12 oz soda will fit in a 12 oz cup… but don’;t forget room for ice and of course room for preventing spills! Regardless of the type of personalized cup you are buying (shatterproof, Styrofoampersonalized gifts for girlfriend, plastic, you name it!), we suggest the following cup sizes:

4 –; 10 ounce is perfect for kids or holding ice cream.

9 –; 14 ounce is the way to go for wine or cocktails!

16 ounces will hold your soda and beer…

.. But a 12 oz beer works best in a 16 oz cup!

Working with ice? We’;d go with one of our 14, 16, or 20 oz personalized cups, simply depending on how much ice you love!

With that in mind, you may be feeling even more overwhelmed then when you started. If you want to order one cup size and one only… we suggest the 16 oz. It’;s perfect for any mixed drink, wine or beer!

Check out all our options below to find the perfect personalized cup for your next event. We are always here to help make your project personalized perfection, so feel free to reach out with any questions. Happy customizing!

Styrofoam Cups:?

Shatterproof Cups:

Stadium Cups:

Clear Hard Plastic Cups:

Soft Plastic Cups:

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Even if you’re just stopping by for a cuppa, your Mum will appreciate the offer of a helping hand. From the smallest acts like washing up your cup after you’ve used it, to carrying the laundry upstairs or suggesting you pick up some groceries, Mum will be grateful for the offer even if she doesn’t take you up on it.