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Hello to all you BERNINA enthusiasts!? Welcome back to the BERNINA 125th Anniversary Quilt-Along!? I’;m BERNINA Expert and Amanda Murphy and in this post we will be working on the last of the pieced blocks that you’;ll need to complete the quilt.? Since many are busy for the holidays (and are also hard at work completing the optional embroidery) we kept it light this month.? You’;ll be able to whip up these blocks in no time!

The BERNINA 125th Anniversary Quilt.

accent pillow case baby floor

For those of you that might join us now, you can find the previous tutorials of the BERNINA 125th Anniversay Quilt-along here:

BERNINA Anniversay Quilt-along: Part 1

BERNINA Anniversary Quilt-along: Part 1, Embroidery (optional)

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BERNINA Anniversary Quilt-along: Part 3, Embroidery (optional)

Here is a PDF of the instructions that you will need to complete this month’s work:?BERNINA 125 Anniversary Quilt – Part 4.

The blocks we’;ll be making this month.

And here is a video to walk your through the process. You’;ll be using the same “;stitch-and-flip”; technique that you used on the cornerstone blocks again. You’;ll also be making strip sets to complete the last of the octagonal “;framework”;.? (The majority of this “;framework”; was actually in the cornerstones you pieced last month.)

In early January we’;ll be assembling the quilt. If you just can’;t wait for that post and decide to assemble your quilt before the new yearpersonalized gifts for girlfriend, my advice is to remember to pin the intersections of the octagonal “;framework”; when joining the blocks, rather than just pinning the ends of the blocks. This will result in a much cleaner finish, but I’;ll show you more in my videos next month.

For those doing the optional embroidery, please join me back here on the December 19th! I have some great videos that will walk you through step-by-step, including the multi-hooping process for those with smaller embroidery hoops.

Don’t forget to post photos in the We All Sew Community Forum of your progress to be eligible for the fantastic prizes BERNINA of America is offering!? Contest rulers can her found?here.

In the meantime happy holidays!

Oh…; and one more thing I wanted to share speaking of holidays. I have three holiday collections coming out this year with Benartex that I wanted to share with you all! They all debuted at International Quilt Market in Houston last month. The patterns will ship the first of 2019. If you love them please ask your local shop to place an order—I so appreciate it!

The first is an autumn-themed collection called Thankful and it ships in March.

Thankful at Quilt Market. The pieced pattern is called “;Autumn Leaves”;. The appliqué pattern is called “;Plenty”; and features SVG files and finishing instructions for a bed runner, table runner, and pillow.

Assorted Prints from the Thankful collection for Contempo of Benartex.

The second is a Christmas Collection called Christmas Magic. It is so fun to sew with and it ships in April. The sampler was especially fun to piece and the little star pattern makes a great gift.

Christmas Magic at Quilt Market. The pieced pattern on the wall is “;Christmas Magic Sampler”; and it is so fun to make! The appliqué pattern is called “;Gingerbread Star”; and includes SVG files.? There is also a “;Christmas Magic Tree Skirt”; pattern. You can actually see Jubilee Holiday here too in the pillow/runner arrangement at the bottom of the photo. So if you can’;t get enough Jubilee more is on the way!

Assorted Prints from the Christmas Magic collection for Contempo of Benartex.

The third new collection is Jubilee Holiday! These are the same fabrics that are in the Jubilee quilt but this time they are coming out in green and gold! Combined with the existing reds (and some new reds too) we have a Jubilee-themed Christmas collection for next year! This line starts shipping in January 2019.

So you can see a little more of Jubilee Holiday—this is the “;Christmas Magic Tree Skirt”; made up in it. Pattern and fabrics to ship early next year.

Assorted Prints from the Jubilee Holiday collection for Benartex.

Everything you see here is OF COURSE both pieced and quilted on the beautiful BERNINA machines:) that you see in my videos. If you love these collections please ask your local quilt shop to order them!

For more of the Jubilee 125th Anniversary Quilt I will see you? back here on December 19th! Happy holidays and Happy Anniversary, BERNINA!

Amanda Murphy

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