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There are some parents who tend to think more about how they will design their girls' bedrooms than their boys' bedrooms. This is done subconsciously, of course, based upon the notion that girls are "higher maintenance" than boys. But 'cool boys' bedrooms are really just as important to boys as 'trendy girls' bedrooms are to the girls.

And it's great fun for you as a parent to carefully design your son's bedroom interior. One cool boys' bedroom design idea is the sports theme. You can have floor-to-ceiling shelves in which various foot balls, baseballs, hockey pucks, mittspersonalized gifts for girlfriend, racquets, and other sports items are placed. These same shelves can also house books, writing implements, a small TV, a radio, and on and on with "boy's life" stuff. The bed can have sporty bedclothes, and you can include bean bag chairs that look like foot balls, etc.

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Sleek, modern metal furniture goes well with this theme, and a metallic computer desk is an excellent complement to this type of cool boys' bedroom design. The floors can be left natural wood with perhaps a couple of sport-themed throw rugs. Lighting can be from wall sconces and a central overhead light. If your son has a reading desk be sure to include cheap table lamps or a reading lamp. A floor lamp can go behind his bed if he wants to lie up in bed and read. The coloration in the cool boys' sporty bedroom should be darker. Blue, needless to say, is always an excellent option. The walls should be painted with the blue or other darker colour, not wallpapered. This way your son can hang up sports posters and photographs without their clashing .

Navy blue curtains are an excellent choice for boys' bedrooms. It would probably be fair to say that boys tend to like darker colours and are not overly concerned about a lot of light coming in through the windows, and if they ever do want to see the sun they'll just pull their curtains open! Boys tend to be more concerned with the dramatic and the intense in contrast to the girls' like of giggly and bubbly. Another way to go for a cool boys' bedroom is ultra-modern.

This could include all metal furnishings with sharply defined lines: squares, rectangles, circles. The coloration in this room could be various shades of blue mixed with white and grey. It works to carpet the floor in such a room to offset the "coldness", but a square or rectangular grey rug will also work. The floor might be wooden or laminate. If laminate, white rugs are an excellent colour choice because it keeps the room bright – are you brave enough for white?!

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