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I was recently reminded about my DIY Penny Tray I made a few years ago when my friend Rebecca was featured on?Bob Villa’;s “;Vote for your Favorite Penny Project“;.

I love penny projects?and figured I should share mine with you again! Especially since decorating with copper accents is so trendy right now. You may also like how I created an acrylic tray from an acrylic frame!

waterproof outdoor pillow covers

I’;ve used my penny tray for many uses, but it’;s currently in my kitchen, where it holds our phonepersonalized gifts for girlfriend, pen cup and whatever else falls there. I made this when I was in my Enviro-Tex phase. That stuff is like magic. It makes any surface so durable! It reminds me of the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic?(another addictive craft supply) that I use for the Drink Charms?I made.

1. Paint your tray with your desired color of acrylic paint. Wash and pat dry all the pennies to rid them of dirt and dust. Once the tray is dry, arrange your dry pennies onto the bottom of your tray into your desired design.

2. Mix and prepare the Enviro-Tex as directed on the box.

3. Pour over your pennies and let it settle. If you see any bubbles, simply blow on them gently and they should pop. Here’;s the hard part…;…;…;just walk away and leave it to dry and cure for the next 48 hours. Check for any seeping shortly after pouring. You do NOT want this leaking onto your kitchen counters or any other surface. This is why I place plastic wrap (plastic garbage bags) or foil…;..because it will seep through newspaper.

As I mentioned above, I’;ve used this tray for many purposes. I could even use it on an easel if I wanted to use it as a piece of display art.

I love trays! They always add a little charm to any room, like my vintage map covered tray I also made a few years ago.

Vintage Map Decoupaged Tray

DIY Acrylic Tray

DIY Drink Charms

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I wanted to see if I could make a plaid pattern simply by using mechanical resist dye techniques. I tried two ways, one by tying and the other by stitching. I ended up with one that was fairly successful, and after a failure at sewing it into a shirt, I ended up with two-tone napkins. I'll walk you through the dye technique and touch on the sewing bit.Warning: Unnecessary Geek Out? I, for one, find the history of textiles fascinating. Which, by the way, is not a great pick up line. Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of tie dye. It's tacky and really shouldn't exist beyond the point of hanging on the summer camp clothes line. However, my mind was ever so slightly changed when I went to an exhibit at the Kent State University Fashion Museum a few months back . They had a resist dye exhibition with some really amazing bandhani garments made solely from mechanical resist techniques like binding, folding, twisting... basically tie dye. I was inspired. There was one piece that was highly detailed with people and animals and it told a story all from scrunching up fabric in the right way. While amazing, I had no idea how to even begin to work on something like that, other than spend 40 years as an artisan in India. However, there was another piece that used similar techniques, but from the?Caribbean?that was an almost perfect plaid pattern. This was still pretty distant from the type of tie dye I've seen before but was slightly more in reach. So I decided to give it a shot as a technical experiment. ??Materials:Fabric - best with non-synthetics, like cotton Dye Fabric Paint Bucket

Truthfully, this year they aren’t Thankful For cards, but grateful for cards. My friend Tori once said “Life is great, when you’re grateful” and no words could be truer. This year I have vowed to live each day being grateful, and what a wonderful year it has been!This year, Isla was born, I shared endless memories with Adalyn & Aniston due to the flexibility in my business, Chris & I managed a couple of children-less getaways, we visited my family, followed by spending precious time with Chris’. My career elevated to heights I only dreamed of a year or two ago, friendships have flourished and our home is nearing completion. I could go on & on about all of the things I am grateful for…maybe I should have made grateful for notebooks?Being a blogger, I am often prepared weeks in advance for any occasion. I consider it a trial run. I designed a Thanksgiving table setting with floral collaboration from my ever so sweet & talented friend Erin, of Erin Volante Floral, which was featured on BHG Style Spotters! {Yet another reason to be grateful this year!} These thankful for cards were featured and will again be present at our Thanksgiving table next week. This will be the 9th year of our thankful for tradition. I’ve been collecting the cards hoping that our girls and nephew will enjoy reading them years from now. I am also thankful for you! Thanks for stopping by to read about my adventures in entertaining, baking, diy’ing and more. And now, the much anticipated?2013 printable grateful for cards! These thankful for cards were a favorite last year and a few additional options here?if one fits your table better than another.What are you grateful for this year?JuliePhoto Credit:?Wheat Photo