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Once, when I was away on holiday, I stayed underground in a cave for a while. True story. Very similar to the interior of the Flintstones, but with bunk beds and a working fridge. Although this may sound like the plot of a ‘Hostel’-esque horror movie, I can assure you I was staying there of my own free will.

The place was Coober Pedy, Australia, an Opal mining town where the heat is so intensive that all houses, hotels and stores are dug into the earth as a natural way of keeping cool. And of all the accommodation I’ve stayed in, whether it’s been 5* or ‘that one which I don’t like to talk about’ (where I got eaten alive by bedbugs during the night and woke up looking like a measles victim), Coober Pedy is the most the good way.

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But it’s uniqueness is not well unique. There are many hotels out there that don’t just offer you comfort or the facilities to make a coffee in the morning and shelter you while you experience your holiday destination but ones that ARE themselves the experience. From the intriguing to the surprising, to the downright odd – here are a few examples: Everyone loves a good old caravan adventure don't they? Wait, what? No? Because our caravan weekends are often wetpersonalized gifts for girlfriend, cold and miserable, you say.

And although the first 4 hours of playing cards sat around a kitchen table (that had been your bed the previous night) is fun, it's also nice to see the outside of a small metal box. Oh, right. Well the Huttenplast, Berlin may have a (quirky) solution. Indoor Caravanning!! Yes, it's a thing. Situated within a former vacuum cleaner factory sit several private cosy caravans for the sole purpose to sleep in, while the surrounding space is an indoors/outdoors; pot plants, potted trees and picnic tables surround the individual caravans, it's the very best of both worlds.

Keeping with the transport theme, how about a plane hotel; that's a hotel. in a plane. Yes, an actual plane. Found in Quepos, Costa Rica, a group of creative individuals decided to use a 1965 Boeing 727 airplane as a 2 bedroom hotel suite. The “Costa Verde Resort” is found near the Manuel Antonio National Park, at the edge of a rainforest, overlooking the beach and ocean.

But why fly somewhere then spend MORE time in a plane. Aircraft overkill for some, right? What you'd want is space, the outdoors, to sleep underneath the stars .in a GIANT Sandcastle no less. And what tropical location might The Sandcastle Hotel be in? That will be sunny Weymouth, Great Britain, of course. Where the weather is frequently so warm it drives people from their baking rooms to sleep outside on the roof. A hotel made entirely from 1100 tons of sand and where the residents could sleep in the open air. But don't pack a bag just yet, it only stuck around till the next big UK summer rainstorm ruined it.

For those susceptible to sunstroke and heat rashes (I wave my own pasty white arm here), or don't like sand getting, you know, everywhere. There's always the opposite: The Ice Hotel. Located in the Swedish town of Jukkasasjavvi where every winter the largest hotel made of ice is created by a group of artists. Be warned though, despite the bear fur throws the temperatures in here stay well below freezing. That's right, dig out those thermals. There’s not only the fascinating hotels that aim to blow you away with their interiors, but also those designed to capture natures beauty around them.?MirrorCube has been described as a "camouflaged sanctuary among trees". The glazed boxes can be installed to any forest location (claim manufacturers TreeHotel), using the tree trunk as the main support and additional wires to suspend the structure.

The mirror cube's surfaces reflect the forest around it, seemingly becoming invisible; perfect for those twitchers amongst you.or anyone wanting to disappear for a while. A similar vibe continues with the Kakslauttanen hotel in Finland which offers 'heated glass igloos', constructed of treated glass that won't fog up, allowing guests to view the beauty of the Northern Lights from a warm and comfortable space, while the lesser clued up tourists are out on the rocks. If you're not a fan of being exposed to open space, or if you're too busy to waste your holiday in the confines of a hotel room, then you might want to try out the Nine Hours hotel in Kyoto, Japan. A luxury modern capsule hotel where the guest is given 7 hours ?to sleep, 1 hour to shower and 1 hour to relax, before the door shoots open - freeing the temporary resident to sight see for the remaining 15 hours of the day - and ready to except the next visitor. Extremely efficient. For those looking for something a little more 'different', something to return home and say "you'll never guess what we slept in?!", to friends, there's Hotel de Vrouwe, which has remodelled 4 wine casks into double bedrooms with attached bathroom and sitting room. Each of the 14,500 litre wooden caskets still retain the smell of the Beajolais wine they stored. Perfect for those?Oenophiles amongst you, but?possibly not the best option for those on the wagon. And finally, the piece de resistance . The most peculiar space to stay in that I was able I unearth; Dog Bark Park Inn. This bed and breakfast in Idaho claims to house its guests in 'the world’s biggest beagle', that's correct. You stay inside the dog. There's two rooms, one in the main body, then a ladder leads to a 'loft' style room in the head, boasting an interior design scheme as dog mad as the structure itself. And of course your own pooches are welcome.

So, before you book that Premier Inn this summer (please note: other budget accommodation is available), have a look around for what other exciting options you have Holidaying under the ocean looks set to be the next craze.

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