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A walk in wardrobe is something us girls dare only dream about; watching Carrie Bradshaw browse through her endless rails of gorgeous clothes is something left only to the imagination. This however does not need to be the case. If you, like Carrie, have endless clothes, bags, shoes and accessories the most common sense and practical solution is to create a walk in wardrobe whether it fill a smaller storage cupboard or an entire room.

With a clever approach and the below money saving ideas a walk in wardrobe will not only allow you to store all your clothes neatly away it will also enable you to hang everything up and thus protect your clothes for longer.

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The first step when looking to create your walk in wardrobe is to allocate a room or space. Be realistic and fair to other members of your household. Choose a room with limited usage and a proportional space to the size of the house. For examplepersonalized gifts for girlfriend, if you have modest terrace house choose the box room and if you have a larger detached house choose a rarely used guest room which may still have space for a bed.

Once you have a room in mind, it is time to think logically about the storage space you need. Collect all your clothes, shoes and accessories and begin to count them up. How many full length rails will you need for long dresses and coats? How many half rails will you need for tops and skirts? Do you need a solution to store your belts and scarves?

Once you have noted down all your requirements you will have created your design brief. From this you will be able to decide whether you’re allocated room does realistically have the space and dimensions to adequately fulfil your requirements. If not; stop right there: it is likely you have too many belongings for the size of your house and it is advised to have a good sort out.

Once clear on the requirements of the room it is advised to begin shopping around bedroom companies and homeware stores to find the best and most economical solution for you. To keep costs down why not have an open plan wardrobe without doors or hang a basic curtain as a cheaper alternative to wooden doors.

Also, search and ask around for seconds and sale lines which may provide you with enough wardrobes for your small room at a fraction of the cost. Similarly, if you or a friend is renovating one of your larger rooms why not take the wardrobes and shelves from there as the basis for your room.

Remember your walk in wardrobe does not have to be on the spectacular scale of those you see on films. Instead be realistic to your home and budget and remember, once the basics are established, you can update the room with new handles, carpet, mirrors and lighting as the spare money becomes available. Furthermore, why not get creative and use your clothes to decorate your room.

For example, make a chandelier out of old earrings, tie scarves to door handles, frame old T-shirts from the 80’s or frame pictures of some of your best (or worst) outfits from over the years. Instead of buying new drawers why not buy fashionable storage boxes which can be left out on display.? This space should be enjoyable and exude your personality. When in this room you should feel confident, energetic and daring to wear whatever takes your fancy each morning.

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