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So, you’re moving into your first apartment or first home. With everything you’ll need to do to prepare, this milestone can feel daunting—but there’s no reason it shouldn’t be fun, too! Especially if you get organized before your first shopping trip and budget based on your priorities. Check out our first apartment checklist below for a breakdown of everything from the storage solutions to the kitchen essentials.

Before you begin, create a first apartment checklist for yourselfpersonalized gifts for girlfriend, making sure to include these essentials:

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When writing your first apartment checklist, it can be easy to forget the every day items we take for graned. Be sure to add these to your list.

More so than any other room in the house, the kitchen requires quite a lot of tools to get set up properly. To help you with just that, we’ve made a category-by-category checklist for all our top kitchen must-haves.

One thing to note before you make your shopping list: We’ve divided this list up by “kitchen essentials”—the things you’ll need to literally get cooking—and those items that are nice to have, but not necessarily essential. Start with group one, and expand to the second category if your budget allows (or when you’re ready for an upgrade). If you want to keep things to the bare minimum, check out the video below for a spotlight on our top must-haves. If you start there, you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time.

The essentials:- 10 inch frying pan- Small sauce pan (1-2 quart)- Large (at least 5-quart) Dutch oven- At least 2 aluminum half-sheet pans- At least 2-3 wooden spoons- Wide spatula or turner (choose nylon or silicon if you have nonstick)- Silicone spatula- Tongs

Nice to have, but not essential:- Stock pot- Multiple sizes of saucepans; consider a full pan set from one brand- Nonstick frying pan or frying pan set- Small frying pan for single servings- Spoon rest

The essentials:- 9x13 baking dish- 2 round 8-inch cake pans- Loaf pan- Rolling pin

Nice to have, but not essential:- Muffin tin- Springform pan- Cookie cutters- Waffle maker

The essentials:- 7- or 8-inch chef’s knife- Paring knife- Vegetable peeler- Can opener- Mixing/prep bowl set- Measuring cups- Measuring spoons- Colander- Large cutting board

Nice to have, but not essential:- Salad spinner- Mixing bowl with spout- Zester- 4 kitchen towels/tea towels- Box grater- Bread knife- Mesh strainer

The essentials:-Microwave- Blender or immersion blender- Toaster

Nice to have, but not essential:- Pressure cooker or electric multi-cooker- Food processor and/or Mini-prep processor- Air fryer

The Essentials:- Plates- Bowls- Flatware- Drinking glasses- Mugs

- Kettle- French press- Small electric coffee grinder

Nice to Have, but not essential:- Pitcher (or multiple)- Cocktail shaker set- Wine glasses- Bar glasses (4-6 highball glasses, 4-6 rocks glasses)- Platters (2x - Large and small)- Salad bowl- Cloth napkins- Electric coffee maker- Chemex

The Essentials:- Contact paper/ shelf &; drawer liners- Kitchen table and chairs- Butcher block cart or island- Trash can- Kitchen mats- Dishwasher or dish drying rack- Canister for cooking utensils- Drawer organizers for utensils/ junk drawer

Nice to have, but not essential:- Spice rack (if you’re not using a drawer)- Pot rack, if you need one

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