personalized gifts for girlfriend Interior Design Ideas for Master Bedrooms 3- Penthouse Panache funny cushion covers

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In today's post we're going to take a look at luxury penthouse bedroom designs. Being 'on top of the world' could be considered a status symbol and while many designers are setting trends which reflect returning to basics and our routes there will always be a market for luxury penthouses in every major city throughout the world.

Modern penthouse panache is typically minimalist in style, a place were luxury meets elegance and a style which captures the latest interior design trends regardless of the cost. That's fine for those who have an endless budget, but for the vast majority it's a dream to aspire to. Howeverpersonalized gifts for girlfriend, you can still achieve penthouse panache even in the modest of homes, all you need to do is scale down the size and take on-board the on-trend colours and minimalism.

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A tough call if you have a family, however, you should also remember that your master bedroom should be a retreat, a haven of peace and tranquillity where you can indulge in a 'me time' without tripping over your children's toys! To get the look you need to be very strict about the room layout and ensure that the room is devoid of any clutter. Floating beds are bang on-trend and give you no place to hide things underneath!

As we saw in an earlier post 'Autumn/Winter 2011 Interior Design Colours 4: Charcoal Greys' this is the colour that is making a big impression in bedrooms this season. The colour demands chic styling and elegance, so choose super king bedding or double duvet covers which are plain rather than patterned to coordinate with high quality white bed linen. You can add extra cushions but in a minimalist style they really aren't needed. Keep the design sleek and flowing with sharp clean lines with definition to the space which they occupy.

Of course you're going to need storage but you also need to keep this to a bare minimum. If you have a spare room which is just being used as dumping ground, change into a dressing room which will free up floor space in your bedroom. Trendy pendant ceiling lights on extended wires can replace the need for bedside table lamps to give a chic and contemporary look. Add only a few carefully chosen objects to put on display along with a plain grey rug to help ground the colour and provide a well balanced look.

Nowadays, bathrooms are not just places to perform personal hygiene activities in although it is still the main purpose of these areas. Bathrooms are also considered as places to pamper one's body with a warm, nice and long bath and to relax one's mind via scented candles, mood music and good wine. Think of a spa experience right in the comfort of your own home!

When spring arrives, it’s time to hit refresh at home. It’s the best time to lighten up layers and kick up the color with the season’s hottest hues and playful patterns. Say goodbye to Old Man Winter, and check out our easy ideas below for freshening up for spring.

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