personalized gifts for girlfriend Interior Design Ideas for Master Bedrooms 5- Eclectic funny cushion covers

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Let's be brutally honest in today's post and look at eclectic style for master bedrooms for those who use second-hand furnishings as a means of saving money in the current economic climate. Second-hand certainly doesn't have the same taboos as it did not that many years ago. Today you can create a stunning looking bedroom and not have any new furnishings. It must be said that there is a distinction between second-hand and antique furniture, with original pieces commanding high prices at auctions.

The eclectic style isn't a mishmash of odd pieces thrown into a bedroom in the hopes that it will be trendy and stylish! You still need to consider the décor, colour schemepersonalized gifts for girlfriend, window dressing and furnishings to get the balance right. Second-hand beds are fine and there are some wonderful frames in either wood or iron to be found, however, it may be wise to buy a new mattress, along with duvet cover sets and bed throws purely for piece of mind as you won't have any idea of what has happen to either in the past, and with the latest news telling us there is a rise in bed-bugs it's probably best not taking the potential risk!

retro cushion covers

This interior design style enables you to use pieces from different decades and design styles. You can lean large mirrors against a wall and they'll look at comfortable and at home – great for those who have trouble finding suitable and sufficiently robust fixings on walls or those in rented homes where you need to get permission before you make any holes! Coordinate your colours so that the soft furnishings marry with each other.

Different textures will add depth to the room, while a contrast of patterns will make a truly eclectic style. Don't be shy when it comes to soft furnishings and accessories. Use full length blackout curtains in a rich colour and traditional damask or jacquard pattern and team with traditionally styled net curtains for a superb window dressing that is in keeping with the eclectic look. If you don't have wooden floorboards which are naturally warm to walk, on simply add a couple of area rugs in the main traffic areas of the room. Don't forget that just because it's an eclectic style you still have to work to achieve the look. Keep things relatively neat and tidy try using old wooden crates which have been or you can hand decorate or cover with fabric to use as small tables or storage boxes.

There are some things in life we really can't live without and there are things that no stylish home should be without. The following home 'must haves' we are about to reveal are a good investment and yet some of them are not even that costly as you will find out! Furthermore, these classic pieces can be brought into all interior design styles and will never become dated.

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Everyone has a preferred sleep position.