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 personalized gifts for girlfri     |      2020-02-27 01:59

Spray paint is a girls best friend when it comes to updating or giving something a new look.? My new love is Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint. And no, I am not being paid to show you…;…;..although I should.? ??

My home is about 13 yrs old.? My home had a lot of that “;Carpenter’;s Brass“;, as Rhoda calls it.? I hate brass.? HATE! But I also don’;t feel like spending my money replacing perfectly good door handles and hardware.? So I marched myself down to my local hardware store and bought some Metallic Paint.? I knew it would work since we spray painted our front door hardware a few years ago and it is just now needing a touch up.

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I am really pleased with the end result.? Howeverpersonalized gifts for girlfriend, I should have given my husband more direction.

He wasn’;t so excited to be painting door handles and would have lived another 20 years or more not giving a second thought to the ugly brass ones.

He took them all off while I was away teaching, laid them down on a drop cloth outside, sanded them a little and sprayed them…;…;…;.then walked away to mow the yard.? Which may have been fine had it not started to sprinkle.? Water on wet spray paint makes it look a little more rustic with pits and bubbles than I was wanting.? And he realized that it was kind of hard to get an even coat when they were laying on their sides.?

So I thought we needed something like a stand you use when making cake pops.? We used an old box, punched small holes to hold the knobs and we were in business again. (after sanding a few of the bubbled ones off)? See how nice they look?? And that’;s the EXACT paint I used.

Here they are on my office doors. So much better, don’;t you think?? And it only cost me the can of spray paint…;…;about $8.00 and maybe a cranky husband for a few moments.?? Totally worth it!

Warning: You will suddenly notice how filthy your doors are and proclaim to be the worst house keeper in the world.? Thank goodness for the magic eraser.

?Edited: I have since chatted with a few people who it didn’;t work so well for. Mine are still holding up great as of today (03/07/2014) as well as our front door hardware outside is going on about 7 or 8 years. We did sand a bit and made sure to use a paint suggest for metal. I used the exact paint in the above photograph. Good luck!?

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