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Hello there and sweet wishes! Here’;s a little something I did the coming Valentine’;s Day in mind. It’;s a little box of candy that’;s easy to make and you can make two boxes out of a single sheet of 12×;12″; card stock! How sweet is that?

The box has a little space on the side you can use as the card and then a window made with overhead transparency so your friend will see the sweets immediately. I have a pattern underneath if you want to make one yourself! You can make the window using a die like I did or then just cut an opening there. The box is measured so that you can fit it though a Big Shot machine easily if you want to use a die.

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Underneath is the pattern for the box –; the piece is originally half of the 12×;12″; sheet. First you need to score it from 1″; on both long sides creating the lid and the bottom part for the box. Then score at ?”;, 1?”;, 4?”;personalized gifts for girlfriend, 5?”;, 8?”; and then 10 1/4″; counting from the same side. Then all you have to do is trim the pieces and add the window if you wish. Make slits to six places shown in the pattern and cut four rectangles away. Then it’;s time to assemble the box. Start with the card part and adhere the smaller flaps together. Then assemble the box part –; the first flap is to be used to adhere the box together and ends inside it. Then just fold the smaller flaps inside and adhere the bottom and the lid after you’;ve added the candy.

I used “;Sending Love Words”; card stock in my box and ended up even including the manufacturer strip to it as a greeting. The heart underneath is cut from another paper, “;”;.

There’;s still time to make a few of these for family and friends! So click here to see the Valentine’;s collection and choose your favorite pattern to start making the boxes!

Supplies from Canvas Corp Brands:

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