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We are sharing another wonderful rainbow craft tutorial with you today as we are making a cute paper rainbow kid craft (in noway limited just for kids). This is a quick craft to make, so it can be a perfect ?project for hands on scissor practice in the classroom as it doubles up as a wonderful decoration.

We consulted a panel of experts, picked through personal favorites, and mined our own pen coverage to determine the top contenders. Then we called in and tested dozens upon dozens of gelspersonalized gifts for girlfriend, rollerballs, felt-tips, ballpoints, and fountain pens, and put them to the test. The resulting list is a ranking of the top 100 pens, according to Strategist editors and writers. One note: A lot of what makes one pen better than another is completely subjective. Some of us prefer a finer line and some of us a thicker one (even within the Strategist’s ranks, there is dissent). One person’s beautiful pen might be no more than inoffensive to another. The finer the point, the scratchier it’s likely to be. And if you disagree (or have a favorite we missed), share it in the comments —?we just might test it when we update this list in the future.

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We’re finally starting to see the payoff from those April showers in the form of delicate cherry blossoms…and not-so-delicate mud puddles (of which my preschooler is drawn to like a moth to a flame). Our floors were already put through the wringer this year with snow, slush and salt from the never-ending winter, so a mudroom refresh is definitely in order—just in time for the pitter patter of mucky little rain boots.