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Bohemian beach blankets are among the most well-liked designs in beach blanket game. The mandala design is the usual theme across all brands. It is a ritual and spiritual symbol from religions in India representing the universe. The sand cloud blanket is the most favored brand. The name characterizes the mandala shapes on hundred percent cotton beach blankets. Bohemian style beach blanket comes in various forms and designs and below are its top six round beach blankets.

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Atlantis lulu blanket

This beach blanket is inspired by the island of Atlantis story that was immersed deep in the Atlantic Ocean. This blanket is hand drawn in three distinct shades of blue resembling all the sea colors, and also includes elements of sky, sunpersonalized gifts for girlfriend, and water. It is made of a hundred percent cotton and has a measurement of fifty-nine inches from end to end. It comes complete with other colors and designs.

Tribal lulu blanket

Tribal art stimulates the tribal lulu blanket. The beach blanket presents indigenous people artistic creation around the globe who through the ages have endured and admired to this day. The beach blanket brings together the elements of dunes, sunshine bursts, and waves.

Mayan lulu beach blanket

The Mayan lulu beach blanket is another example of round beach blankets. The early Mayan civilization influences this beach blanket. It highlights a Mayan hand-drawn design showing the sun color in orange, yellow and red. These colors symbolize Mayan symbol of clarity, awareness, and ascension.

Navajo round beach blanket

Navajo round beach blanket is a must-have for trendy beach people. The beach blanket has enough weight in that it can absorb water and be carried easily to the beach. It is a new brand beach blanket design for this year’;s beach season.

Bahia round beach blanket

Bahia round beach blanket was sketched to depict San Diego and California surrounding’;s bay and tributaries. The new design is ideal for fashionable beach people. This beach blanket has enough weight thus can absorb water and is light enough thereby can easily be packed in a beach bag.

Eddy round beach blanket

This beach blanket is a design from Uruguayan citizen called Travis Eddy, now based in New York. The beach blanket was created by mixing natural landscape ideologies of Montauk with the style of South America. The new brand design of this round beach blanket is made of high-quality cotton that can absorb water while remaining lightweight.


The above are top six bohemian round beach blankets. For that, for any fashionable beach person with a desire to look trendy in a beach blanket should consider purchasing any of the above blankets.

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