personalized gifts for girlfriend reader’s improv- rubber-stamps from carved erasers geometric cushion covers

 personalized gifts for girlfri     |      2019-09-09 18:00

susan dworski

In response to our Dangerous Paths post, graphic designer and illustrator?Susan Dworski?sent us wonderful email:

accent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift

Several years ago I illustrated an 18th century Japanese saying?using watercolors and rubber stamps made from hand carvedpersonalized gifts for girlfriend, Staedtler Mars Erasers.

The message reverberates across time.

The message not only reverberates BIG TIME, but so does the idea of carving erasers to make rubber stamps. Brilliant! We found a good visual how-to at Wedgienet:


Seems easy, though practice definitely makes perfect…;

Thanks Susan!

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