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Adding a monogram to a gift is the perfect personal touch, and can elevate everyday items or special pieces in a variety of styles. Two Funny Girls guide to monogramming will make sure you choose the right style of monogram for the occasion and item, making gift-giving or home decorating easy. Monogram etiquette can be confusingpersonalized gifts for women, so we want to take the guesswork out of gifting with our simple guide.

The same rules apply for men and women when creating a monogram based on just one name. The addition of even a simple single initial can easily take a gift to the next level. The most common styles are as follows:

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Adding a monogram to an engagement or wedding gift can make for a special item the couple will treasure for years. Our custom cutting boards look stunning in the kitchen and are a memorable gift the couple will use again and again.

Elevate your hostess gift-giving (link to other blog) or your own home decor by monogramming household items. We love adding a personalized touch to everything from customized styrofoam cups to everyday items like personalized towels.

Single Initial: Last

“The Davis Family” D

Other Personalization Options: Last Name, but be sure not to include an apostrophe for grammatical reasons. If this looks off, simply add “Family” as below:

“The Davis Family” The Davises or The Davis Family

“The Smith Family” The Smiths or The Smith Family

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