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 personalized gifts for women     |      2019-09-11 20:01

Looking for handmade gift to make this season? Let’;s explore shadowboxes and letter block tray ideas with a Christmas vibe. ?Our crew shows off some very cool ways to use trays you?might already have, vintage?trays you have picked up?along the way or grab one of the 7gypsies trays and give a gift that will bring smiles. ?Let’;s begin with crew member Cherry Nelson with the beautiful shadow box filled with wonderful little details.

If you?have a box with lot of nooks and crannies, don’;t worry about itpersonalized gifts for women, fill each space with wonderful little things.

burlap pillow cover diy

Fill in from the back forward giving wonderful dimension to your shadow box and don’;t forget you can use the top if items don’;t fit, not worry just layer them on top of each other and you will love the look just as Cherry is showing here. ?If you don’;t like the color of your shadowbox paint it a nice white, cream or black. ?

To see more of Cherry’;s work visit her blog –; Cherry’;s Jubilee ?and follow her on Instagram –; Cherrys Jubilee Designs.

Next Angelique shows us us how to take one sweet little photo and build a shadow box around it. ?If you don’;t have room for a 4×;6 or 5×;7, consider cutting it into pieces and placing each one in the squares around it to make a unique photo image and then fill in the other spaces.

What was used:

To see more of?Angélique Jarrier work visit her blog –; Boule-de-Scrap?and follow her on Instagram Boule de Scrap

Happy Creating!!!

Add a fun spring DIY printer tray to your spring decor with this simple craft project. ?Add your own spin to this project with an assortment of papers and small spring themed animals. ?This one would also be great for getting the kids involved. ?Let them pick the animals and placement in the box.

The only thing that I look forward to with the autumn season coming is fall baking! I love filling my home with spicy smells, and warm heat from the oven.