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Decorating and celebrating the 4th of July or any patriotic holiday is the perfect time to make your own DIY Patriotic Paper Garland.

Fourth of July printables and ideas take the stress out of your party planning! ?My patriotic printable banner and bottle labels are also perfect for the big day.

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Hi! My name is Laura and you can find me over at Laura’;s Crafty Life. I blog about crafts, DIY, organizingpersonalized gifts for women, and life. I am thrilled to be here at Today’;s Creative Life. I am going to share with you a quick last minute decor idea for the 4th of July.

Supplies needed: (affiliate links provided for easy shopping)

This project is really quite simple. Start by cutting star shapes using your die-cut machine. I used my Cricut. I cut out two sizes of stars. (If you do not have a craft cutting machine you could cut the stars out by hand or use a star shaped paper punch.)

Once you have all your stars cut out take two stars –; one larger and one smaller and layer them together. Hold them while you start to sew.

As you stitch the stars together, be sure to hold onto the star behind the one you are sewing and pull slightly. This will keep your thread from knotting up and will allow you to have some thread between each set of stars. Once they are all sewn together, you will “;fluff”; the top star to make them look 3D.

I made a second, longer garland, using only one star at a time instead of having two that were layered together.

Thank you to Kim for having me here today! I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!

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