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April showers bring us May flowers!

Hi, I’;m Becca, one half of the Simple Life Pattern Company team, and I’;m so excited to share the Daisy’;s Sun Bonnet pattern with you. It’;s a perfect sun bonnet to protect your littles from the sun and can easily transition into every season.

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Daisy’;s Sun Bonnet in a pretty flowered print by Kari Clements-Morrison.

The bonnet is so sweet in an ice cream print by Colleen Fifield.

Pink and white bonnet by Tara Rittenhouse.

Note: All seam allowances are 3/8″ unless otherwise noted.

Step One: Take a tie strap and fold one short raw edge in 1/4″; and press.?Take your ties and fold them in half, creating a crease down the long center part of the tiepersonalized gifts for women, press. Take your long raw edges and fold them towards the crease you made in the center and press in place.?Now fold the tie in half and press.?Topstitch the long open end 1/8” away from the edge.Step Two:?Take the bonnet center piece and ease it around the bonnet side, right sides together.?Pin as you go.?Sew/serge in place.?Press the seam away from the center.?Repeat this step with the lining.

Step Three:?Take the other bonnet side piece and ease the bonnet center around it, pinning as you go.?Sew/Serge in place.?Press the seam away from the center.?Repeat this step with the lining fabric.

Step Four:?Fold the top of the bonnet in half to find the center and mark with a pin.?Pin the center of the brim to the top center of the bonnet, right sides together.?Continue pinning the brim to the bonnet.?Sew/Serge in place.?Press the seam towards the bonnet.?Repeat this step with the lining.

NOTE: Prior to attaching the lining brim to the bonnet, add your interfacing to the brim.?Press in place.

Step Five:?Place the tie next to the bonnet/brim seam, raw edges together and pin.?Baste in place.

Step Six:?Place the main bodice on top of the lining bodice, right sides together and pin.?Sew all the way around the bonnet leaving a 1-2″; opening in the back center.

Step Seven:?Pull the bonnet right sides out using the opening you left in step 6 and press well.

Step Eight:?Using a 1/2″; seam allowance, sew along the center back of the bonnet from one seam to the next creating a casing.

Step Nine:?Carefully feed your elastic through the casing until it is 1/4″; beyond the side seam.?Pin in place.?Stitch along the seam to secure the elastic.

Step Ten:?Carefully feed the other side of your elastic 1/4″; beyond the side seam.?Pin in place.?Stitch along the seam to secure the elastic.

Step Eleven: Topstitch all the way around the bonnet 1/8″; away from the edge to close the opening.

Step Twelve:?Place one bow piece on top of the other, right sides together.?Using a 1/4″; seam allowance, sew along all edges of the bow piece, leaving a 1-2″; opening in the center.?Clip the corners, turn right side out and press.

Step Thirteen:?Fold the bow center piece in half lengthwise and pin.?Using a 1/”; seam allowance sew down one long edge.?Turn right side out and press with the seam towards the back.

Step Fourteen:?Fold the bow center piece in half width wise and sew down one short edge.?Turn right side out.

Step Fifteen:?Using a safety pin, carefully pull the bow piece through the bow center.

Step Sixteen:?Using a button foot for your sewing machine or zig-zag stitch, attach the bow to the bottom left corner just above the tie.

We’;d love to see the sun bonnet you create using this tutorial. Be sure to use hashtags #berninausa, #weallsew and #slpcodaisy so we can find your creations on social media.

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Happy Sewing!

xoxo, Becca

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