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You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS!!! I did it! I took the plunge. I painted our kitchen counters. I can’;t tell you how terrifying it was to make that first brush stroke…; No going back now! But now that my kitchen is completepersonalized gifts for women, I am SO happy with how this all turned out.

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If your laminate kitchen counters need a facelift, but new counters aren’;t an option, then you NEED to watch this video. Come see how I completely changed the look of our kitchen counters for under $100.

Here’;s a complete step-by-step video tutorial covering the process from start to finish:

Great! I painted these counters two months ago (it took me a while to get photos and video together), and everything is holding up really well. No peeling or chipping!

The Exact product name is Giani Countertop Paint Kit in White Diamond. I bought mine on Amazon, but Home Depot also carries these kits.

Yes! You have to remember that this is just paint, so I will continue to use cutting boards and pot holders under hot dishes, just like I would with laminate countertops. Also, you will want to read the instructions: using certain cleaning solutions (like bleach) is not recommended.

It’;s Sherwin Williams Patience. The shiplap backsplash is Sherwin Williams Pure White.

Here’;s a written transcript of the video above:

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