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Sheer curtains are beautiful. They can make any space light, breezy and welcoming. A versatile window treatment, they look great on a passage window and if used as a door curtain. The sheer variety can be tried with blackout curtains and blinds. They look just fab when you try to achieve the layering effect by blending them with different curtains. A timeless window treatment, you can use them in traditional and contemporary dé;cor. Here are some sheer curtains that will make you fall in love with them, all over again.

1. Forever Whites: Simple yet stylish, white sheer window drapes are forever. They can instantly make the ambience of a room blissfulpersonalized gifts for women, calm and relaxing. With white sheer curtains, you can enjoy the flow of natural light and your privacy, just as you desire. They make a great addition to a room, which gets a lot of sunlight. Adorn your big windows with these sheer curtains and have a feeling of living in a bigger and spacious room. This way you can cover the windows, without giving a full and heavy treatment. Moreover, they can be apt in your home if you prefer similar treatment inside out. You can put them in the outdoor space too, and experience the indoors to continue outdoors.

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2. Fashionista’s Colourful Sheers: Gone are the days when sheer variety was restricted to white sheer curtains. They have now started coming in an array of colours to give your space a vibrant touch. Make a fashion statement by mixing different, colourful sheer contemporary drapes. You can also have them as a colour pop between two blackouts, subtle hue curtains. If you want to make the curtains central to the room dé;cor, then you can try this colour pop window treatment.

3. Play with Patterns: Wish to add more prints and patterns to play in your room, then sheer curtains can be a perfect addition. It is a great way to add personality to your home and give it a trendy look. You can also combine plain and patterned sheer drapes in bold and light colours to express your taste without going overboard.

Fall in love with your sheer drapery all over again, with such a variety. You can choose among white, colourful and patterned sheer curtains from Deco Window. They are available in vibrant and subtle colours, plain and prints to give the ambience you desire. You can find the perfect match for every room of your home from Deco Window. View the complete range here and get for your home sheer curtains in self, print, and lace. The beauty of sheer curtains lies in the fact that you cover your windows, infuse dé;cor in your room, and still enjoy the play of light and beauteous balcony view. Check the latest collection by Deco Window of sheer curtains online and fall for sheer curtains, again.

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