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Many of us in the craft industry don’;t consider what we do work because we love what we do so much, but many of us have found a way to?make our hobby a career and that is a labor of love. ?This post is to thank everyone out there who contributes to the?creative, craft, mixed media and art industries, through their hard labor, creative ideaspersonalized gifts for women, hours of creating?and help and support for the industry. ?So often we thank those who labor to keep our days running…; the mailman, nurses, checkers at the resister or hairdresser (and we all know how important they are in our lives), but how often do those who make our world creative get a big thank you…;.well

Your creativity inspires us!!!

canvas throw pillow covers

Your videos teach us!!!!

Your detailed projects show us what can be done!!!

Your classes bring us together and help us to create!!!!

Your exploring of products help us know what we need!!!!

Your trial and errors help us to see what can be fixed!!!!

The extra effort you take in writing it down, taking photos and showing us is appreciated!!!!

So next time you are setting up to do a video, preparing for a photo shoot, working on your next project and a thought crosses your mind “;why do I do this?”; ?Well we are here to remind you that your work inspires others, gives them a creative place to go, you comments make them laugh, your trials make them feel human and your work lives on…;.

We also want to say thank you to our team, The Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew, who spend their days designing, sewing and creating items that let us all be crafty. ?So if you know someone who shares their labor of love –; crafting, painting,?art ing, stitching, etc…;..labor day is a great day to say “;Thank You”; and let them know that you appreciate all they do for you and for our industry.

Happy Creating and we hope you find a little time this Labor Day to be a little crafty, vintage shopping, searching the web for ideas…;…;!!!

As The Block teams begin tackling kids bedrooms, we take a look back at some of our past seasons’ favourites

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The end of August is approaching fast! We’re sure you’re ready to fill your house with warm autumn tones and cute fall décor, but you can’t forget about the most important piece in your house – your bed! You spend over one-third of your life in bed, so it’s important to invest in a good one.With the cool weather closing in, we’re here to help tell you exactly how to dress your bed for those crisp fall nights. Let’s start with the basics.