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I have always wanted to learn How to Make a Birdseed Wreath because I LOVE having lots of bird feeders and watching our backyard birds! Making homemade bird treats is easier than I thought!

I have a bird feeder positioned right where I can see it outside my office window and several places around the yard, which makes it easy to see all the birds. It’;s been interesting to see the different types of birds for each season. Spring has brought a few new varieties full of color, which has brought many hours of just sitting and watching the birds! I have also been planting flowers for a cottage garden look too! So much prettier to see!

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I don’;t even mind when the squirrels help themselves to a little snack every now and then. I do have one squirrel proof bird feeder, but it’;s not nearly as fun to watch. During the winterpersonalized gifts for women, I’;ll make a homemade recipe for bird suet and in the spring, I’;ll make a birdseed wreath. The birds seem to enjoy it, but I really just like how cute it looks hanging from a tree or gate. Except I’;ve learned to keep it in an area that doesn’;t get too wet from the rain. It will dissolve into a mess if it gets soaked.

Most items you’;ll have in your kitchen already.

Mix everything really well!

Press into your pan as firmly as you can and leave it to harden up for a day or so.

Birdseed WreathIngredients 3/4 cup Flour 1 package Gelatine 4 Cups Birdseed 3 Tablespoons Corn Syrup Cooking Spray 1/2 cup warm water Bundt or Jello Ring panInstructionsStart by mixing the gelatin with the water until dissolved. Stir in the syrup and flour. You may want to use a fork or a whisk. Keep stirring until all the lumps are gone. It's going to look very thick and paste-like.Mix the seeds in by the cup. Mix well to distribute the gooey paste so all the seed is well coated. This will help it not fall apart.Once you've blended the mixture well, give your bundt pan a good coating of oil.This will help your wreath slide right out when it's dry.Scoop your mixture into the wreath and pat down firmly. You want to really pack it down.Let it set up for about 24 hours.It will turn cloudy white in color and you'll be able to feel the firmness by pressing with your fingers. If it feels smooshy, it's not dry.Once it's dry, place a plate on the top of the pan and flip. Hopefully, it will just slide out. If it's a little stubborn, just give your pan a little tap.©; Today's Creative Life Category: tags christmas

You’;ll need rope, ribbon, or twine that you’;ll thread through the hole and tie together at the top. Once you decide on a dry place that is out of any direct rain, you’;ll want to install a plant hook or nail to hang the ribbon over. That’;s it!

This makes a great activity for children! Kids LOVE learning how to make a birdseed wreath because they can get their hands messy at the same time!

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