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Mixing patterns provides added interest to a living room and is a great way to bring the room back to life. As with any interior design ideas you don't have to spend a small fortune to get the look as it's easy to find cheap soft furnishings for your home without having to make any compromises on quality.

Patterns will add depth to a room and can be used just about anywhere – from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between; it's just a matter of getting the balance right so that the room doesn't become overly fussy or too bombarded with a variety of different patterns as this will confuse the eyes and you'll end up with a headache!

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Window dressings: Bring your windows back to life by using cheap curtains or window blinds with a pattern. From pretty florals to bold geometrics there's a pattern to compliment all styles of windows and homes beautifully. Wall art: Wall art has never really been out of fashion as such, from family portraits which use to dominate chimney breasts to the latest pixulated designs, wall art can be chosen to not only suit the colour scheme and décor of your living but more importantly because you love – it's a great way of self-expression and to show your personality.

Paper one wall: Papering one wall and making a feature of it has seen a resurgence – bold patterns or wallpaper which depicts a scene is very much on-trendpersonalized gifts for women, along with the use of wall decals and stickers. Choosing types of patterns: You have to quite brave to use bold patterns in your living room, but they're a great way of showing off the interior design style.

For example, a Retro pattern will of course be needed if you're replicating the 50's or 60's. Each decade has its own pattern style so you can choose which are appropriate. If you don't want to be bold neutrals or white with their own discreet pattern will add interest to your living room. Two toned brocades, damasks or jacquard curtains offer a refined and elegant style to a more traditionally styled living room.

Accessories: Patterned cushions, throws and rugs are great ways to include pattern in a living room without it becoming too over powering or dominant. Table lamps with a patterned shade provide a chic and trendy look with patterns which can be mixed or matched to other patterns in the room. As you can see there's lots of ways you can introduce pattern into your living room with or without using wallpaper.

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