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 personalized gifts for women     |      2020-04-27 03:31

First let me say I have nothing against candy on Halloween *wink*…;. but dear husband is a Dentist and we wanted to come up with a treat to pass out to his patients this month. ?Candy would not be the best thing to pass out at a dental office…;

One year at home we passed out toothbrushes instead of candy. One little kid burst into tears the moment he saw the toothbrush. ?We now pass out candy at home.

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Back to the office…; I came up with this little idea as a special treat for the kids for the month of October. ?It’;s really simple idea. ?We purchased a vampire digi image (commercial use) and printed up business cards. On the front it says “;Even Vampires have to brush their teeth!”; ?Then on the back is Happy Halloween and the office name.

We packaged them up with cheap plastic vampire teeth. ?I thought I would share in case anyone was looking for a fun non candy Halloween treat idea! ?It would also work well if your school has a no food policy on holidays.

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