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Over the years, Carousel Designs has supported foundations and research organizations that work toward finding cures for illnesses that afflict our children.

The Rally Foundation is one such organization.? This nonprofit empowers volunteers across the country to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research to find better treatments with fewer long-term side effects and, ultimately, cures.

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Atlanta Braves catcher and three-time All-Star Brian McCannpersonalized gifts for women, along with his wife, Ashley, are actively involved in raising awareness and helping to raise funds for the Rally Foundation and serve as spokespeople for the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research.

And next week, they’ll host the Foundation’s 4th annual Benefit Bash here in Atlanta with Mizuno Big League Players.? We were thrilled to be able to contribute crib bedding for the silent auction portion of the event with all proceeds benefiting the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research.

It’s such a worthy cause and one that hits very close to home.? Our family lost a very dear childhood friend to Leukemia many years ago.? Today, because of research and medical advances, she would have had a better shot in fighting the disease.? Unfortunately, we lost her much too soon.

This picture of Jonathan and our friend, Elizabeth, was taken shortly before she was diagnosed.? We hope that in supporting these types of organizations, we are giving children like Elizabeth better odds in their fight against cancer.

Visit the Rally Foundation for more information about the type of research they fund and how you can make a difference.


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