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I was really tired of the green quilt on my bed.? So tired.? I was thrilled when I found this washed linen duvet set. How perfect is this color?!?!?? Swoon!

…;. and here it is in my room.

personalized nursery pillows

I also made a trip to Joann Fabrics, where I found the perfect navy print for an accent pillow.? It’;s from their Nate Berkus line.? Of course, my eye wound be drawn to his designs!

I’;m also planning to incorporate a bit of navy in the artwork in my gallery wall, so I’;m really excited to see how this all comes together!

Last week I shared with you pictures of the $7 thrift store bookshelf that I found for beside by bed.

I patched a major dent on the bottom shelf with wood fillerpersonalized gifts for women, and then got to painting.? I white washed the spindles…;

…; and then primed the shelves white.

All that is left here is to paint the shelves with white chalk paint.? I’;m also pretty excited to finish this project, because this little joy arrived in the mail this week:

It’;s chalk paint powder. You mix it in with any flat paint you want, and voila!? Instant chalk paint.? I’;ve never used it before, but the gals over at Lolly Jane, swear by it.? If they say it’;s great, then it must be pretty great.

If this works out as well as I think it will, you can expect a major chalk paint bender in my near future!

I’;ve started thinking about some details as far as decor goes.

I picked up this lantern and basket at Home Goods to jazz up the little table on the side of my bed.

I’;m also thinking I like these little decorative houses from Crate and Barrel.

The gallery wall is still a bit of a mystery.? I ordered this buoy patent print from Zazzle.

I also plan to include some watercolor paintings and photographs of my own.? You will just have to stay tuned next week to see what I decide!

That’;s all for this final update.? Be sure to stop by next week for the big reveal.? In the meantime, swing over to Calling It Home to see what all of the other One Room Challenge participants have been up to this week.

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