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Good morning, my handy dandy crafters!? We are feeling super crafty this Tuesday at Cutting Edge Stencils.? Do you remember when we shared a?snapshot of our favorite stenciled picture frames in this post?

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So inspirational, right?? We shared these fab ideas from our blog partners to show how an old frame can be freshened up using our pretty stencil patterns.? Just as we got everyone excited about this mega easy stenciling projectpersonalized gifts for women, we realized we hadn’;t given you the play-by-play on how to create those gorgeous picture frames.? We wouldn’;t want to earn a bad rap for tempting you with a fab DIY project, so today we’;re delivering the full tutorial!? Oh, and the best part is that it’;s super easy and can be completed in FOUR easy steps.

1. Gather Materials: Start the stencil project by gathering all of the materials listed above.? We’;ve had fans purchase simple frames from Ikea or Michaels for a project like this.? If the frame is not the color you would like, then paint it a solid paint color of your choice.

2.?Secure The Stencil: Position the stencil design on the frame. For this project, we chose the Indian Inlay Stencil kit, which comes with 5 stencil pieces and can be configured in various positions.? Then you can secure the stencil in place using blue painter’;s tape.

3. Start Stenciling: Pour your craft paint onto a plate or paint tray.? Then dip your stencil brush into the paint. Blot off the excess paint onto your folded paper towel until the brush looks almost dry.? The key to stenciling is using as little paint as possible.? Too much paint will cause the design to bleed and smudge.? Next you will paint the design onto the picture frame with the stencil brush using a dry brush (stippling) technique.? Stippling is when you tap the brush repeatedly over the stencil opening.

4. Complete the Pattern:? Allow the paint to dry a little and reposition the stencil around the edge of the frame so you can continue to paint the pattern on the entire surface. Let the paint dry for two hours.

Now let’;s admire your fashionable frames!? Here are two stunning examples using our 5 piece Indian Inlay Stencil kit.? See how the one stencil can be varied to create different looks?

PS. This project is so easy that even a first time stenciler could get the hang of it.

Haven’;t had enough stenciling fun?:

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

Having installed quite a few mirrors into ‘the improvised life’s’ new laboratory, we’ve witnessed first-hand how quickly they show fingerprints and smudges, along with a streaky glare acquired a week or so after being cleaned. We’ve also been experiencing how much “shows” on or white high gloss doors and walls – and they don’t come close to mirror-like.

The sky is really the limit with this, but you can customize it to your own taste. If you’re closer to a 10 on the nerve scale, go for an accent couch. If you’re leaning a little more toward a 0 or 1, I’d suggest getting your feet wet with some solid accent pillows in your favorite colors. For me, this teal couch felt like it was plucked right from my dreams, so that was an easy choice. I’d say I’m about a 9 on the nerve scale, so I made the decision to “accent” the accent couch with a combination of leopard prints. In my apartment specifically I treat leopard as a neutral so I look at the couch and feel a sense of serenity. Other ways of adding color are through tchotchkes and art—a pink flamingo in the middle of your living room is always a great option.

Step 1?– Search for basic baby or themed images for your art. Look on the web, in coloring books, on fabrics, or sketch your own designs. Print or trace them onto white paper.