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Good morning, my pillow painting friends.? Cutting Edge Stencils is wondering if you like to swap out your decor accessories each season.? We thought you might!? Changing up your decor on a seasonal basis can get costly especially if you like to swap out those accent pillows for newer, trendier patterns.?? That’;s why we’;d like to welcome back our sister company, Paint-A-Pillow.? For those that missed it, we introduced Paint-A-Pillow here but to give you a quick refresherpersonalized gifts for women, it’;s an innovative stenciling kit that will allow you to create your own designer accent pillows in a snap.? Swapping out your accent pillows just got a whole lot easier with Paint-A-Pillow.? One kit along with additional pillow covers can easily craft several pillows for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase several designer pillows.? Come take a look at today’;s inspirational pillow project.

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We’;d like to introduce Jenna, the decor enthusiast behind the blog Rain on a Tin Roof.? Jenna has stenciled several wall projects in her home including this Leopard Skin stenciled accent wall in her guest room.? Despite the fact that she had stenciled before, Jenna was nervous to attempt stenciling a pillow.? She was worried that the paint might bleed and the pillow would end up a big mess.? Jenna put her fears aside and ordered the Shipibo Paint-A-Pillow kit and extra fabric paint colors.? Curious as to how it all turned out?? Jenna said, “;Shockingly, these stenciled pillows turned out fabulously.”;? Here is what she created with her pillow stencil kit:

We agree it looks fabulous!? Now let’;s talk about how you could easily recreate these pretty pillow covers.

Jenna was excited to receive her pillow kit in the mail.? She happily opened her box to see that her kit included a stencil, pillow cover, pillow insert, fabric paint, and painting tools.? She was all set to go!

Jenna set up her craft space and she was ready to start stenciling.? She poured her fabric paint into a foam tray.? Then she used a dense foam roller to paint the geometric pattern in emerald green.? Jenna painted the smaller squares in sapphire blue using a stencil brush. If you’;re recreating this at home, be careful not to overload the roller with paint.? Roll off the excess paint onto a folded paper towel until the brush or roller looks almost dry.? The key to stenciling is using as little paint as possible.? Too much paint will cause the design to bleed and smudge.

Once the entire pillow cover was painted, Angela peeled back the metal tabs holding the stencil in place and cleaned off the stencil in the sink. Then she was ready to stencil the other side of her accent pillow.

To complete her accent pillow, Jenna added pretty blue tassels using our latch hook tassel tool.? Ready to see how it all turned out?? Jenna had this to say about her stencil project, “;Overall I was pleased with the outcome.”;

Want to win a free Paint-A-Pillow kit?? Of course you do!? Jump on over to Jenna’;s blog and enter her giveaway.

Looking for more Paint-A-Pillow fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!

Michelle and the Paint-A-Pillow Team

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