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The chilly, winter weather will soon settle and summers will take over. The warm sun rays during the day keep you active and cheerful, but as the temperatures soar, the hottest nights become unbearable. Tossing around with the air condition remote becomes a routine and those uncalled power cuts make the hottest nights even more difficult. So, it is essential that you give your bedroom a summer makeover and make it as cool and soothing as possible. The ambience after, all have a big role to play.

Below are some secrets to survive the hottest summer nights.

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1.The Coolest Bedding in Town: To beat the heat, look for the coolest summer bedding in town. Somethingpersonalized gifts for women, which is light in colour and make. The fabric should be soft and breathable, and the colour should be light too. Your skin directly comes in contact with the bed sheet at night, so something light and cool will give you a comfortable night’s sleep. Stick to pastel shades and cotton bed sheets, which are also easy to maintain. During summers, you need to wash the bed sheets more frequently, so take the maintenance factor into account. Even when it comes to checking the thread count, ensure it is in the range of 300-400 otherwise it will not be that breathable. The more the thread count, the more heat it will trap. So, go for an optimal range.

2.Shed the Layers: Just the way you shed those layers of clothing for summers, it is essential that you remove it from the bed too. Clean-up and tuck away those thick blankets, comforters layering your bed. It’s time to have a crisp, cotton bed sheet and light hue bedspread set for the summers. Even if you can do away with those extra pillows and cushions, it will give a lighter look and feel to the room. So, opt for a minimalist bedroom set up and clear-up all the extras.

3.A Light Comforter, That’s It: You just need to add a layer of a sheet during summer. So, how about a light comforter set? It will help you sleep covered without making it too warm. Look for light fabric and light colour comforter for your summer bedroom.

4.Lightest Drapes &; Curtains: The way you treat the windows plays an important role in defining the room aesthetics. So, treat your windows right this summer to have a calm and poise ambience. When it comes to choosing the drapes, you should stick to light fabric and light colour ones. If there is too much sunshine filtering inside your bedroom during the daytime, then you can opt for thick, blackout curtains and sheer curtains. The blackout curtains will keep the room cool during the daytime, as well and sheer curtains on the front curtain rod will give a pleasing touch to the room.

5.The Coolest Summer Decor: It’s all in the details, so when you are doing your bedroom for the summers ensure that the room dé;cor is cool too. Bring in some potted greens inside and have more white and pastel in the dé;cor. These are easy means of making the room summer ready. Keep dark colours and bold dé;cor pieces for winters and let the home have a cool and comfy ambience.

With the above secrets, you can survive those hottest summer nights with ease. Get light colour luxury bedding sets, comforters, and curtains from Deco Window. We offer complete window and home dé;cor products using which you can give a quick makeover to your home, this summer. You can check the range online and order from home. We will deliver it before the onset of summers and help you have a soothing, summer home, this season.

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