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With the holidays soon upon us, I thought I’d post one of my very best cookie recipes. Or perhaps I should say cookie dough recipes: in addition to being able to fashion it into all sorts of cookie shapes and flavors, it also makes a great bake-ahead tart crust. Fleur de Sel Cookies, Earl Grey Tea Cookies, Coffee Vanilla Bean Cookiespersonalized gifts for women, Shortbread Pastry Lids and Shells for Tarts, and Brown Sugar Lime Curd Tart are just a few of the creations it easily morphs into. Once you know the basic thinking behind it, you can improvise endlessly with it.

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When asked to bring a dessert to a holiday party, I invariably turn to this recipe for delectable, melt-in-your-mouth cookies fragrant with butter and the caramel flavors of light brown sugar. A few drops of orange flower water subtly intensifies the flavor of the butter, a trick I learned from my Greek grandmother.

Never one to write a simple, cut-in-stone recipe, I can’t seem to help writing out ideas for improvising upon a basic approach, with lots of examples. In fact, I wrote a whole book of recipes for improvising, which gives you the tools to do-your-own-thing right away, called The Improvisational Cook. As my holiday gift to you, here’s a PDF from The Improvisational Cook, for?Brown Sugar Butter Cookies with Many Improvisations.

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Alan and Georgina Judd make the most of both sunshine and scenery in this well-insulated Rotorua home

Over the past year, I’ve written about the many hopefully improvised solutions I’ve created to try to NOT feel the mechanical vibration that shakes me awake every morning. I even looked into?making a hanging bed that would be bolted to the concrete ceiling slab, or a rig?like this “Levitation Suit”. It was created for The Cultural Center of European Space Technologies in a workshop focusing on levitation in an environment of gravity; it was an exploration into ?a new “3D” form of hotel, and has the obvious appeal of flight.