personalized gifts for women personalised outdoor cushion covers 6 Ways to Revamp Your Apartment After a Breakup

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One of my biggest hurdles has always been reacclimating to a?partner-free routine without feeling the heavy absence of a?used-to-be boyfriend. Because I’m a homebody, the first step I take?after a breakup is making my home feel as peaceful and conducive to?healing as possible. Small adjustments to my space sometimes have?tangible effects on my emotional wellbeing (particularly during?periods of mourning).

Staying aware of what makes us feel good and what doesn’t and?respecting those realizations are often the first steps in moving?forward. Here are a few of the household adjustments that brought?me closer to healing (and to my sanity).

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The first step to making your space a place of healing is tossing?out old relationship memories that might be lingering around.?Purging reminders of heartbreak or anything that brings up feelings?of loss is one of the hardest adjustments to make, but the last?thing you need to do is trip over a pair of slippers your ex gave?you. If you don’t feel quite ready to throw away your memories, try?hiding them out of sight (ideally in a locked box in the very back?of a closet or in a storage space far far away). Then you can?slowly replace those memories with objects that bring you joy. And?if you used to live with your ex, you can even stage your own?sage-burning, crystal-healing ceremony to symbolically cleanse and?renew your environment.

And think of it this way –; you no longer have to comprise. Embrace?your freedom and make your space your own. Because let’s be real;?you had better taste anyway.

Be it a handwritten note taped to your bathroom mirrorpersonalized gifts for women, a framed?typographic print, or a work of art that lifts your spirits,?there’s a subtle power in surrounding yourself with positive?messages (particularly messages that celebrate your independence).?Words have the ability to transform thoughts, and thoughts have the?ability to transform lives, so filling your home with uplifting and?empowering ideas can slowly infiltrate your mind and mood for the?better.

Bathing doesn’t have to be a dull routine. It can be a renewing and?meditative ritual that you look forward to each day. A few small?updates can actually transform your bathroom into a therapeutic?spa-like experience. I sometimes take a salt bath before bed,?surrounding my tub with candles (and crystals because, yes, I?am?that?person).? You can also step up your aromatherapy game by tying?a bouquet of eucalyptus to your shower head. Not only does it look?beautiful, but it makes every shower smell pretty?amazing.

Journaling seems to be a great emotional outlet for most people. I?occasionally journal but it tends to encourage *too much*?introspection for my taste. I prefer to draw and paint. This helps?me express myself in a more abstract way, which I prefer. So find?something that works for you. You don’t need to be “good at” what?makes you feel good. Focus your attention on whatever activity?makes you happy. If you don’t know what that is yet, this is a?great time to explore and figure that out.

After you’ve turned your home into a nurturing retreat, try to?leave it sometimes. Not only could you reach out to friends and?relatives, but you could also reach out to people you’ve always?wanted to get to know but never made the time for. It can feel a?bit awkward, but trust me, it’s worth the initial discomfort. I?surprised myself and initiated a few of solid friendships after my?last breakup.

And last but not least, keep your home tidy! During my most?difficult period of heartache, a friend would text me every morning?to make sure I made my bed. The idea was that starting the day with?one productive activity would make me feel slightly better and that?would lead to other positive habits, and it actually worked.?Seemingly small adjustments to your morning routine can have a?domino effect that buoys your mood through the remainder of the?day.

But the most important step I took was been remaining patient with?myself and the process. Healing can’t be rushed so try not to judge?yourself for the depth of your heartache or how long it takes for?the wound to heal.

Story by Gaby Cetrulo

Model: Roxie Vizcarra

Photos by?Julia Robbs

personalised outdoor cushion covers

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