personalized gifts for women reader survey- what are your favorite bathroom reads- geometric cushion covers

 personalized gifts for women     |      2019-09-10 02:06

Ellen Silverman

Bathroom reading is a specialized and very personal genre of literature. I imagine everyone has his/her idea of what passes muster for bathroom reading, what its essential qualities must be. Of the books that have had a place on my makeshift bathroom shelf (a pipe) for some time ?–; as opposed to magazines or newspapers that come and go- I look for books that I can open anywhere and find something entertaining, illuminating or educational. Proper beginnings and endings don’;t matter. A folding aluminum camp stool (yikes!) I bought at the flea market serves as a book stand.

navy nursery pillow

As a way of finding interesting new things to read and share in the unique sensibilities of ‘;the improvised life’;s readerspersonalized gifts for women, I invite you to join in our first reader’;s survey. Please take a few minutes to list your favorite bathroom reads in the Comments.

I’;ll start with my current line-up (and an excerpt I came across today):Free Play: Improvisation in Life and ArtChronicles: Volume OneZen Art for MeditationThe Book of Martyrdom and Artifice: First Journals and Poems: 1937-1952The Old Farmer’;s Almanac 2010T’;ai Chi Ch’;uan for Health and Self-Defense: Philosophy and Practice (my boyfriend’;s; it’;s been there for YEARS)NY Atlas (I think this is out-of-print; the subway info is out-of-date but the maps are GREAT)

“;I can’;t say when it occurred to me to write my own songs. I couldn’;t have come up with anything comparable or halfway close to the folk song lyrics I was singing to define the way I felt about the world. I guess it happens to you by degrees. You just don’;t wake up one day and decide that you need to write songs, especially if you’;re a singer who has plenty of them and you’;re learning more every day. Opportunities may come along for you to convert something —; something that exists into something that didn’;t yet. That might be the beginning of it…;”;–;Bob Dylan Chronicles, Volume One

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